because we are kids at heart
we know what kids want

Or at least we successfully figure it out. And that's how Cucumber became cool back in 2001. Incidentally, that
was also when we began operating, under the brand HP Cotton Casuals. In less than 15 years, we emerged as
the largest manufacturers and sellers of children's clothing in India, grossing a turnover of 125 crore.

Exceptionally stringent when it comes to quality, we also have an ISI and a BIS stamp of approval to our name. The Government of
India has also recognised and awarded us twice for exceptional performance.

Our family of more than 1200 distributors and 25000 retailers, all of whom swear by Cucumber when it comes
to fulfilling the demands of dressing up 21st century kids, further consolidated our position in the Indian market.
We have also expanded beyond the Indian shores, all the way from Sri Lanka in the south, Singapore in the east
to the Middle East in the west.

nurtured by experience

While we're a young brand, much like our consumers, we have had the good fortune of being nurtured under the
parentage of HP Group that has also raised brands such as Dora (India's leading undergarment brand)
and HP Cotton Casuals.

Beginning with Dora in the 1960s, under the care of Krishan Kumar Agarwal, the growth of the brand and the
market pressed HP Group to set up its own 30,000-spindle state of the art spinning mill at Hissar (Haryana) in
1982. Since then the group has consistently expanded production capabilities and marketing channels,
emerging into the empire that it is today.

Taking the empire forward are Sachin and Sailesh, the sons of Mr. Agarwal, who have ventured into
kidswear with Cucumber.