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24th Sept 2019

3 cosy Cucumber dresses that your little ones will love

Cucumber Kidswear is made with 100% cotton fabric which is manufactured from high quality yarn. The highest emphasis is placed on ensuring that only the safest and softest materials are used in order to protect the delicate skin of babies and kids. Leaving nothing to chance, at Cucumber no harmful chemicals are used and every product goes through multi-level quality check before reaching the store.


06th Aug 2019

Monsoon dressing tips for your children

Although the monsoons bring a welcome respite from the gruelling heat, the rains do have some adverse effects like flooded roads and drains. Rain water lying around brings in mosquitoes that increase the risk of transmitting diseases. Since newborns and toddlers are delicate, parents have to be very careful and take precautions about their health.


02th Jul 2019

5 benefits of ironing baby clothes

Babies have delicate and sensitive skin. When it comes to laundry, child’s clothes are of highest priority. Just like taking care while washing kidswear, ironing clothes of newborns and toddlers is very important and should not be skipped. According to research, ironing kills and weakens bacteria and also adds fresh smell to the clothes.


17th Jun 2019

5 precautionary measures while washing baby clothes:

First- time parents are often concerned about taking proper care of their baby’s clothes. When it comes to washing clothes of newborns and toddlers one needs to always keep in mind that the little ones have soft and sensitive skin. Hence, kidswearneed special care. And not just sensitive skin, little ones catch infection anywhere as their immune systems are under-developed. Clothes are the main carrier of germs and that’s why keeping them clean and bacteria-free is of utmost importance. Here are a few tips that will help parents take necessary precautions while washing baby clothes.


24th May 2019

5 tips to make your baby comfortable in summer

Parents are often concerned about keeping their newborns and toddlers safe from the summer heat. Knowing how to dress your child is of utmost importance. It’s beyond just having good knowledge and sense of style and kids fashion. During summers, it’s more important to keep them comfortable in safe kidswear that do not lead to overheating or skin rashes.


6th May 2019

How to choose the right clothes for your baby?

Shopping clothes for newborns and toddlers is an enjoyable experience for every parent. But shopping for the little ones is quite different from shopping for oneself and hence it’s not an easy job. Rather, it’s a never-ending task and depends on factors like the size, the material used, the comfort and the gender of the baby. Also, it depends on how fast the baby is growing. This factor is directly proportional to the fact that clothes would soon wear out or will not fit him/her anymore.