How to Prepare Your Child for Their New Sibling


I remember back when I was 6, my parents gently told me that I was going to have a little brother soon. I remember the change of feelings over the days, almost vividly, of how surprise turned into excitement and into adaptation and anticipation.

It is very necessary for parents to respect their child as a young person with acute, growing feelings, and nurture it into positivity. Sibling rivalry is real- erupting from little things like sharing of attention to sharing of toys and clothes, and so from the very start, parents should help their child ease it.

Here are few tips that you could bear in mind while preparing your soon-to-be elder child:

Prepare your first born mentally!


  • Explicitly Communicate with your child:

Communicate with them, letting them explicitly know of the change that would soon come into their lives as a whole.

Make them understand its effect on their life, of how the entire family should look after the tiny young baby, and remind them of how much they are going to adore and love their new sibling.

  • Involve your child in the prep:

Involve your child in the preparation of the baby’s arrival by asking them along for shopping of baby clothes, or toys. This way, your child would familiarise himself with the idea of having another human in the house and the fact that, it would be a member of his family.

  • Prepare your elder child:

Make your elder child practice holding a baby with the help of teddy bears or dolls, so that when he or she first holds the baby, he/she would feel more than a sense of incredulity. They should know how to handle and deal with people so much smaller and younger than them.

  • Empower your child in understanding it:

Make your child understand that with the arrival of the baby, they would have to pay more attention to the little kid, by virtue of it being their little kid, and that the elder child, should no way, think otherwise. Empower them to do the same so that it increases their sense of responsibility at a young age.

Love and care of an older sibling!


  • Be careful of the phrases you use:

Use proper phrases while empowering your child. Phrases like, “You are going to be an elder sister,” or. “We are growing as a family!” Do not use negatives before the birth of the baby, because both you elder and your still-to-be-born child would sense it. It is imperative that you do not panic in front of your child, so that the child can look at you and learn the same.


Sibling’s relationship should gently prosper and grow from the very beginning, even before the younger sibling is born. One must remember to gently explain their child this-


“When you have your sibling and you start having feelings of insecurity or even jealousy, please remember then that the love of a parent can never be divided-

it can only multiply.”




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