Summer Fashion Trends for Your Little Diva!

Summer is coming and it is bringing with it a wind of new trends. Fashion keeps changing (just like the weather) and one should change their fashion apparels with it (just like you go from wool to cotton every year.) As adults, we tend to incorporate these trends in our daily-wear and your little daughter is also not very far behind from learning to love them!

This summer, let your daughter flow with these light and comfortable trends:

  • Pleated shorts:

Pleated shorts are comfortable and trendy this season as they look both cool and classic and your daughter is going to love them! Checked, stripes or polka dots, pleated shorts come in all sizes and are airy and colourful.

Pleated Shorts

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  • Flats:

Flats like these are refined and very comfortable to walk in or run around. They look stylish when worn with skirts and a light top and can go with most of your child’s clothes.

Flat Slippers

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  • Crop Tops:

Crop tops for little kids are the new in especially because they give an illusion of height and your daughter would love nothing more than looking taller than she is! Plain crops tops with little to no design seem cooler and are also classy with a taste of summer. It goes best with capris and jeans.


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  • Sling bags:

The latest trend of every girl or all ages, sling bags look cool and do not carry much weight, and complements your attire. They look the best with flats or slip-on sneakers and girls like it best when their sling bags come in colourful and small sizes that do not strictly match the colour of their shirts or shorts and jeans.

Sling Bag


  • Shift Dresses:

Very breezy and light for summer, floral printed dresses or so to say, a refined version of frocks, look endearing and comfortable in summers. They are simple and can be worn anywhere, from birthday parties or picnics. This would be your daughter’s go-to dress after one wear because they are look both elegant and cute, and she will love it.

Shift Dress

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  • Bracelets:

Bracelets are the new in where they are fast challenging the era of our kids wearing colourful watches. Light bracelets of singular colour and intricate design look great with jeans, slippers and crop tops. They come in various sizes and designs and girls have come to love wearing them, replacing them with age old large bright watches.


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  • Half-blazers:

Light blazers look very elegant in a formal ambience and since jackets and sweatshirts are a no-no during summers, blazers take a very classy look forward and go with jeans pretty well. They are versatile and give a sophisticated look all the while being very trendy, giving out the summer-vibe.


Trends keep changing and so would your daughter as she grows up. It is necessary (and a lot of fun) to help her grow stylish and wonderful so that she could create her own fashion in the long run. Summer trends would only last a season but your daughter’s sense of trend would complement her throughout her life.

Choose well! 😀




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