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Yes, that’s right. One of the best baby clothes brands in Eastern India, Cucumber makes soft, hand-crafted baby clothes for newborns and right up to kids 5-years old. Just like the pure love a mother has for her baby, at Cucumber too the fabrics used are as pure as they can be. So what makes Cucumber the best brand for kidswear? Besides the fact that every piece of Cucumber clothing is made of 100% cotton manufactured from high-quality yarn, the people who make these clothes are mostly mothers. Yes, and that makes us one of the top baby clothing brands in India. After all, there is no one who understands a child more than a mother. And just like a mother will do her best to keep her baby from harm’s way, we at Cucumberkeep a safe distance from harmful chemicals. To keep up with the honour of being the top baby clothing brand in India, our highest emphasis is placed on ensuring that only the safest and softest materials are used to create kidswear. Material so gentle that it is safe on the delicate skin of newborns. For us, children come first.


We shall endeavor to meet and go beyond our customer expectations. Our Quality Policy has the full commitment of our management and shall be maintained without faltering.


We ensure the manufacturing of high quality products in congenial working conditions while taking care to reduce undue pressures on natural resources in the manufacturing process.

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