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What to focus on while buying kids' wear?

28th Apr 2020

A well set bedtime routine eases the transition from being awake to falling asleep. For toddlers and infants, mothers often find it difficult to put them to sleep. Most parents complain about their child having an erratic sleep pattern. So, it is essential to prepare a bedtime routine that will work well for your toddler and smoothen the transition for him/her. The routine can evolve with time and age of your baby, but the basics shall always remain the same.

  1. Set a specific time :- It is important to adjust your child’s body clock and for that setting a natural and consistent routine is important. A child is likely to adjust to a natural routine much faster.

  2. Give your child a warm bath :- A warm bath at night brings down the hyperactivetendencies in your child and calms his/her nerves. Also, by raising the body temperature he/she becomes more prone to sleepiness. While taking a bath let him/her play with toys that help to relax.

  3. Read out bedtime stories :- For time immemorial bedtime stories have been an integral part of any routine. Read out fairy tales or chronicles of Mahabharat or Ramayan. This not only enriches your child, but the sound of reading puts him/her to sleep very easily.

  4. Use a dim night bulb with a soft glow :- If your child is sleeping alone it is advisable to use a low power soft light, since little ones are afraid of darkness.

  5. Include dental hygiene :- Whether you’re cleaning the gums of your toddler or reminding your older kid to brush his/her teeth, proper dental hygiene is a good habit that you must inculcate in this routine.

  6. Make them visit washroom before bed :- Take them to the washroom just before going to bed; this will prevent them from bedwetting and waking up in the middle of the night.

  7. Give them their favourite toy :- A doll or a teddy makes a child feel comfortable and secure. Give them their favourite toy and watch them sleep peacefully.

Follow this routine diligently and watch your child sleep peacefully every night.