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Teaching your kids manners that matter

28th Apr 2020

In today’s fast paced and global world, teaching your children the right kind of manners is crucial than ever. Like we teach our kids ABCs and other basics of education, it is equally important to teach them basic manners. And this should be inculcated from a very young age as this is the correct age to groom your child. As parents it is your job to help your child develop social skills that will help them to interact with the world politely and respectfully.

Today, let's discuss few important manners that all kids must know

  1. Teach them to say 'please' and 'thank you' :- This is the foundation of good manners and it will help them go a long way. This can be improvised with thank you notes as they grow up. This will make them compassionate and respectful towards others.

  2. Practice greeting people :- As a parent you must teach your child to greet people. This reduces social awkwardness and makes them more socially amicable.

  3. Teach them to seek permission :- From childhood it is very important to inculcate this manner in your child. For everything, be it visiting the lavatory or using someone else’s pencil, he/she should always seek permission from the desired authority.

  4. Respect elders :- It is important for children to learn how to respect elders and this definitely begins at home. The first lesson is taught by respecting parents and being nice to them. This is a very important lesson as this lays the foundation of every child.

  5. Teach good table manners :- Kids should know how to behave at the dinner table. Having good table etiquettes is a must especially when going out in public or while having guests over to your house. This might be a moment of praise for you as well as your child.

  6. Good toilet manners :- children should be taught right toilet manners. Especially when going to school this will be an important lesson for them. Covering the mouth and the nose while sneezing or imbibing hand washing hygiene should be taught from a young age.

  7. Always help others :- Be a good citizen first and this should be taught at the very inception. One can expect help only if they help others and this should reiterated to them now and then.

Along with teaching your child manners, it is important to remember and follow them yourself because children imitate their parents and personify them from a tender age.