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A Guide To Buying Newborn Baby Clothes For Summers And Winters

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022

As parents to newborn babies it is important to stock weather appropriate clothes for our little furballs. In India, we mainly experience three seasons, summer, winter and monsoon and it is highly recommended to buy newborn baby clothes for summer and winter separately and mix and match a few items from both the stock for the ‘not so hot, not so cold’ i.e., monsoon season.  How to dress up my baby in Summers?  You are your own boss as long as style is concerned but safety wise, consider these few things before purchasing any newborn baby clothes for summers. Remember, the goal is to keep our baby cool in soft, breathable clothes so make sure to avoid heavy materials, layering, dark colours, etc. Tips to follow while purchasing newborn baby clothes for Summers Buy loose clothes made from breathable material – Whether you’re buying it for your baby girl or boy, try going for easy breezy flowy frocks and t-shirts and shorts. Buy clothes that are made from pure cotton that will keep your baby sweat free and comfortable.  Avoid packing your baby from head to toe, they too need some Vitamin D. Keep a hat or a cap handy to protect your baby from sunburns when you take them out during the day. Reduce the number of layers – We layer our babies with sleeveless inners, inner, shirt, blankets, socks, mittens and phew! The list goes on and on and on. You don’t want your baby to turn into a pile of clothes. Keep it minimal! Carry a muslin wrap to cover them in case of weather change.  Lastly, dress them up keeping the occasion, weather and the ambience in mind. So, if it is a day out in the park – keep it minimal but if you plan to visit a mall or a restaurant, carry an over-layer handy due to the centralised ACs that might make your baby cold.  Recommended Clothing – frocks, skirts, shorts, sleeveless t-shirts, cotton trousers.  Tips to follow while purchasing newborn baby clothes for Winters  Newborn baby clothes for winters are just the opposite of Summer clothing tips but with a few additional points. Since our babies cannot communicate, we must be on the lookout for a few actions, mood swings to understand how they’re feeling.  Layer up – We want to protect our babies from the freezing weather and so layering is a must. Start with a soft cotton inner layer, top it with a sweater and clothes. You can always add or remove layers in case your baby shows signs of discomfort. Accessorise them – If you’re planning to go out or you live in an open apartment with big windows, take an extra step and use mittens, socks and caps to protect your little one’s hands, feet and ears from catching cold.  Carry an extra blanket – Just in case if the baby feels colder even after being packed, carrying an extra blanket would act as a saviour.  Recommended Clothing – onesies, full body suits, woolen pajamas, mittens, kimono style tops, co-ord sets.