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A Healthy Mother To A Happy Child

Thursday, December 30th, 2021

The very thought of holding your little one in your arms… get butterflies in your stomach, right? Excitement and nervousness, all of it hits you at once. It’s a new feeling and trust us, you will have quite a few surprises and ‘I never expected this’ moments.  Let us list down some of these special moments and the things that you will need to get ready in the month when your baby is scheduled to arrive.  Preparing for the grand day Your body has been going through some major changes. As your delivery date gets closer it is important to keep everything ready. Several doctors recommend practising some breathing exercises in advance. In addition to this, there are also relaxation exercises that can be practised. These small things can help during labour. Along with these exercises maintaining the right postures is extremely important. Moreover, this can allow you to avoid joint and other muscular pains. There are several prenatal exercise videos that can help in guiding you in the right directions. During labour  It is also advisable that you remain in touch with your closed ones. People around on the d-day specially in case of an emergency situation can be extremely helpful. There are so many constant changes that you would be facing especially when in labour. From muscle contractions to breathing issues to having a panic, there are going to be too many things to manage. It is better to be prepared than to actually suddenly realise that your water just broke! What can be done? Remember the breathing exercises we told you about? Practising those are going to keep you ready. Incorrect breathing could increase the risk of both panic and pain. So remain calm and relaxed. Easier said than done but you are going to be fine. Delivery  Pregnancy is an extremely sensitive period. An urgency can occur at any time of the day, hence during the delivery date and time period close to it, it is important to keep people around.  Do not hesitate to give your doctor a call in case you feel signs of labour. Along with this, have your kit handy. This would include things like towels, a few loose clothes, socks and slippers for you. All the hospital essentials. Labour pain can be intense but it can be tackled with some ease as well. Keep at it. There are also ways of alleviating pain both natural and via medicine. All of it depends on the kind of delivery you have. It shall be managed. Do not need to worry.  Post Delivery Time to go home. Bidding adieu to the hospital bed, you are all set to welcome your little one. You must be having a whole lot of baby essentials ready, keep them organized before you leave your house for delivery. Proper assembly of items like baby clothes, diapers, baby creams and other baby essentials in an assembled manner can help in easing the tough nights. A quick and convenient access is all you would need.   Love, care and comfort with Cucumber.  We understand the huge list of things you have to tick off. And we are ready to share your burden when it comes to choosing th right clothes for your children. Each apparel at Cucumber is weaved, keeping in mind the comfort of your precious one.