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Baby shopping list: All you need to welcome your little one

Monday, December 27th, 2021

With your delivery date around the corner, there are so many things on the plate that need to get ready. Excitement and nervousness! We totally get the feeling you are going through. As a to-be parent, there is so much that you need to get ready before your precious one arrives. Once you enter the store, so many things pop into your mind. Can be chaotic right? But do not worry!  Listed category wise is a checklist that you can follow.  Skincare  Soft and tender, the skin of a newborn requires tender attention. Following are the must-haves when it comes to your infant’s skincare. 
  • Diaper
  • Diaper genies 
  • Skin creams 
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby talcum powder 
Comfort Clothing That’s the first step to keeping your baby happy. Make sure you have: 
  • Onesies: Easy to put, you would definitely need a stack of these.
  • Cosy nightwear: Before bedtime, they would require a change of clothes.
  • Soft cotton casuals: Soft on the skin without causing rashes 
  • Small thermals: To keep them warm during winters
Feeding Essentials   A newborn will essentially consume liquids and milk in their initial days. “So if there is not much to consume, what are the things that I would need?” Let us list them down for you.
  • Feeding cloth: For they are going to spill more than they eat 
  • Milk bottle: Be it breast milk or regular milk you would need a place for storage.
  • Breast pumps: To help the mom pump out the milk.
  • Tops: To help the baby eat with ease. 
  • Small spoons: To feed them purees, clear soups and medicines, if any. 
  • Sterilisation items: To clean and sterilise the milk bottles. 
Bath Time  The bathing products should not have any chemicals. In their initial days babies are extremely sensitive and delicate. Thus, it is important to use products that are chemical-free. 
  • Baby shampoos and soaps: We cannot use shampoos and soaps for our little ones, hence it is important to use the ones made for babies. 
  • Soft body washes: Use body washes specifically created for babies.
  • Soft washcloth: On some days, your baby would just need a cleanup using a washcloth so keeping them handy is important.
  • Baby towels: The material of these is different; much softer than the regular towels hence an important item on your shopping list. 
Naptime Last, of the lot, bedtime also requires some of the attention of the shopper in you. It is important to use light beddings so that the baby does not feel uncomfortable or suffocate while asleep.
  • Cribs and cradles: An imperative. During the infant days, this is what your baby would be required to sleep on.
  • Soft blankets: During the infant period, babies are still developing their organs. Thus, using thin quilts and blankets helps.
  • Soft cotton bed sheets: To ensure that the baby’s skin doesn’t break into rashes. 
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