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Baby vocab list – All you need to know!

Friday, January 21st, 2022

The little one’s here! It’s time to switch to the baby language. We often see that parents share a certain kind of tone with their babies. This is especially the case with infants and newborns. There are so many things that need to be taken care of. We are sure that you must have gone through a range of books and a hoard of articles on parenting. You must have come across several terms during this period. Some of it, you might be aware of, while the rest of it you might be trying to locate across the net or books.  And to make your job easier, that is exactly what the focus of this blog is. Helping out to-be and new parents with some of the common as well as with terms you might not be familiar with.  Let us list them down. For your convenience, we shall mention both the words and the meanings of each. All things for the little one!  Baby tub: Container to place and give the baby a wash. Baby food: Dedicated for babies to eat food.  Baby cream: To keep the little one sufficiently moisturised and avoid rashes.  Baby powder: To pat the baby’s skin dry, especially during the summer season  Baby wipes: Moist tissues to clean up the babies.  Bib: A garment to avoid the baby from spilling food. Blankies: A soft cloth to cover the baby and keep them warm. Breastmilk: An essential food item fed by the new moms to their newborns.   Cot: Small bed to help the baby sleep. Crawl: When the baby starts using their hands and feet to roll and move across the floor.  Cuddle: To hold the little one across our arms in a caring and gentle manner.  Diaper: A nappy-like absorbent to prevent leaks of urine and poop by the baby. Fist: A tightly closed hand as the baby sleeps.  FUN TIP: When your newborn sleeps, if you place your finger in their fist they have a tendency to close their fist and grab hold of your finger. An adorable feeling!  Highchair: A small seated chair with longer legs where the baby is placed specially while feeding.  Milk Bottle: Container to help the baby consume milk. Mittens: Small gloves to keep the hands of the baby warm.  Nappy: Same as a diaper; This is used to prevent the baby leak while peeing or pooping. Night lamp: Dim lamplight to help the baby sleep as they have a tendency to get scared from complete darkness.  Onesies: A singular piece of cloth to cover the baby at one go.  Pacifier: The baby sucks and bites on this while it helps in calming them down and changing their mood.  Paediatrician: A doctor specialising in children’s healthcare. Play pen: Portable furniture within which the baby can move around and play in. Pram: A four-wheeler carriage where the baby is placed and is pushed by a person.  Rattle: Small toy that makes fun sounds when shaken. Stuffed toys: Soft toys available in a range like cartoon characters, animals etc. Something fun for the baby to play with.   Keeping your child’s comfort in mind Cucumber Kidswear has come up with the best clothing solutions for your little one. Weaved with the love and affection of a mom, our products ensure quality.