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Delivery and Aftercare

Thursday, April 28th, 2022

We knew you would soon be a proud mom, and look, weren’t we right? Kudos to you for pulling it off so beautifully! But the journey doesn’t end here. In fact, it’s a brand new beginning. Now that you’ve finally welcomed your tiny little pop, let us help you with how you can take care of yourself and your baby, and make sense out of everything that’s happening. Firstly, birthing is tiring, if that word justifies the experience. Be it vaginal or caesarean, it changes so much in you and around as well. New moms must, MUST take good care of themselves, and only then will they be able to look after their eye candy!  Why are my emotions all over the place? You’ve just lived the purest experience of your life. From being a child to bearing one, you have lived through the full circle. The anxiety of raising a child, of being good parents, while maintaining your personal work-life balance – all these emotions hit you – once your hormones start calming down.   Thoughts like not being a ‘good mom’, of barely spending time with your partner, having no me-time can make you irritable, depressed and anxious. Make sure that you understand that this is a new phase and everything will fall into place gradually. Don’t panic and overthink, take help from family and friends, include your partner and take some me-time because you deserve it. Voice your emotions and focus on staying happy. Take professional help if you notice no positive change.  How do I take care of my physical health? Mothers experience physical exhaustion soon after delivery. The process of delivering a child is overwhelming, physically as well as emotionally. As much as you would like to sit on the floor, sleep on your stomach or dance, jump and eat all that you couldn’t…you still won’t be able to. Your job isn’t done yet and you need to be equally careful and diligent with your practices, if not more. 
  • It is no secret that you must be physically drained. For a speedy recovery, continue to take your prenatal vitamins.
  • Have a  vitamin rich diet and take plenty of rest. 
  • Speak to your partner and avoid any sexual intercurse for upto 6 weeks. And more if you wish to. 
  • Avoid tampons and use pads for bleeding. 
  • Take a sitz bath to reduce vaginal soreness especially after defecation.
  • Take walks and gradually inculcate little physical movements, make sure that you don’t bend or stretch.
  • Avoid lifting weights heavier than your baby for 6-8 weeks after delivery.
  • Also, limit your visitors. Entertaining guests can be tiring and irritating. Limit the people you would like to have near you.
  • Say YES to all the help and ask for MORE if required. 
  • Massage your breasts with hot water towels to reduce the soreness
Everything falls into place as you live the transition.Chores that scared you at first will seem like no big deal. You will adjust to the changes and find the balance between your parenting duties and self-care. Remember that it is not just your journey but your partner’s as well. Include him in every step and take all the support that is required.