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Grandparents – A Child’s First Best Friend

Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

If you’re from a nuclear family, the idea of growing up with parents and grandparents together might excite you but if you’re from a joint family, your opinions might differ. There is nothing right or wrong with not wanting it for yourself, it is only a matter of preference but if you ask us, there are more pros to this situation than cons. Have you seen how babies light up on seeing their grandparents and how they love to play with their soft skin and how they quietly sit next to them? And grandparents too, they love acting like a kid and being funny with them. Other than the fun and entertainment, there is so much that their presence teaches us.

Ways in which grandparents shape your child’s personality

Teaches the importance of family bonding – When your child is in the company of elders who are not his parents, they tend to understand and value the love they get and learn to give the same in return. Grandparents introduce them to the extended family and they begin to enjoy the company of their uncles, aunts and cousins which shapes them into compassionate and giving individuals. Instilling values in kids and supporting them in their life decisions is one of the ways grandparents make them wise.

24/7 Entertainers – Like your little buddy who doesn’t follow the clock, these grown-up babies too are ever-ready for entertainment! Whether it is 2 in the morning or 6 in the evening, this duo is always up for fun and why not? How grandparents woo baby’s attention with their luring stories of fantasy worlds and their secret stash of toffees. Forget Cocomelon! Grandparents are the ultimate entertainers, from stories to playing games, to confusing them with riddles, they make every moment fun and enjoyable.

Caregivers – Parents get exhausted handling the daily chores of their children like bathing, feeding, schooling and so much more that they miss out on having fun together. But with grandparents, the work gets distributed be it babysitting, feeding, giving them a bath or even making them sleep. Grandparents happily take the load on their shoulders which allows parents to spend some quality time bonding with their little kiddos.

Shares Valuable Experience – Having lived a long life, grandparents have acquired many experiences over their lifetime. Due to their many similar experiences, they teach your child what is important right from the start. Having a close relationship with grandparents makes them a guiding light for your little ones in later stages of life. So don’t be surprised if your child engages in deep conversations with you, just know that the quality time with dadis and nanis is rubbing well on them.

Children’s Best Friends: Your little one might feel uncomfortable sharing things with you that they might share with their grandparents, such as eating too many chocolates, watching too much TV, or getting into mischief. This is due to the child being relieved of the pressure of being punished for bad behaviour by their parents. Ultimately, your child will feel more comfortable and confident communicating with their grandparents than with you, so in a sense, you know they will be guided by the same people who guided you.