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Having a summer baby? Here’s your newborn essentials checklist you can’t miss

Saturday, April 23rd, 2022

Your delivery is due this summer? Most people automatically have an uncomfortable image attached to summer deliveries. And why shouldn’t they be? Imagine all the sweating, the swelling, the unkind Indian summer heat and the general discomfort that lingers around this season.  But summer is also about having fun, enjoying the sun and eagerly waiting for the sunshine of your life to arrive. And here we are to help you feel like that. So that, even if you are lying in bed in the most uncomfortable position, worried about all the newborn essentials that you still haven’t got hold of, we’ll make you feel like you are having the most wonderful summer vacation of your life, sipping on juices with your sun-kissed bundle of joy in lap.  How do we do that? By accumulating the most important summer baby essentials checklist, for you.

Summer baby essentials checklist

Summer-friendly cotton clothes Babies need a lot of clothing layers. You are worried here about having a summer baby. But imagine, if your little one arrived during the winters, how many extra layers of clothing would he or she require. So be happy, because, during the summers, all you need are light coloured, light-weight, cotton onesies. And you’ll find the best ones here. Stroller fans Summer doesn’t mean you’ll keep your baby indoors at all times. After all, when again will you find so much free Vitamin D? So enjoy the sun and take your little one out for small walks. Invest in a stroller fan that will keep the air moving and not let your baby sweat. Wipes, wipes and some more wipes Honestly, irrespective of the season, if you have a newborn baby at home, you can never have enough wipes. And this need doubles during the summer months. So stock up on some wet wipes, because there will be no such time of the day when your baby will not need one. Light sleeper Babies love their warm blankets, it gives them the perfect snug. But for summers you need an easy-breezy cotton cloth sleeper. Something that’s versatile, so that your baby can use it while on the bed, on the stroller and while travelling in the car. Sun protective blanket Babies can only wear sunscreens once they are above 6 months, that too if your pediatrician recommends it. So, how do you protect babies who are 0-6 months old? With the special kind of sun protective blankets.  Swim diapers If you are your baby’s first best friend, then the water comes to a close second. Have you ever seen a baby who doesn’t enjoy splashing water? You will not. Because every kid loves it. And since it makes them so happy, you’ll have to make necessary arrangements so that your baby can spend quality time splashing around. That’s when swim diapers come in handy.  Kids pool Now that you have invested in swim diapers, you need to get hold of a baby pool too. Because it’s not advisable for kids below 2 years to get inside a swimming pool. But that doesn’t mean newborns will be deprived of the fun. Get a baby pool, set it on your balcony or terrace and have a gala time with your little one.  Summer hats and sunglasses Everybody needs them during the scorching summer and your little ones are no exception. The only difference is their accessories will be a hundred times more adorable than ours. Our pro tip? Buy summer hats and sunglasses by matching them with their favourite clothes. That way, they’ll not only get protection from the hazardous sun rays but also rock the summer look.  Wrapping up Summer babies may sound like a lot of hard work, but trust us, it’s fun. Especially when you have a friend like us with you by your side. We will help you with all the necessary details you need to know about. All you have to do is keep following our page.