Ashoka House, 3A Hare Street, 7th Floor, Kolkata - 700001


We are very particular about the products made and the way they are made. We ensure not only the highest quality standards but also the working conditions under which they are made. The welfare of our workforce and care for Nature during our manufacturing process in particular is a part of our vision.


We strictly follow the minimum legal regulations for labour, law, health & safety compliance, products safety and comply with the environmental standards.


We adhere to and respect the tenets of human rights and committed to upholding ethical practices and following the regulations and legislation.

We have a highly equipped state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Eastern India with a 1 lakh sq.ft. operating area.

The production capacity is around 17 million pieces annually. More than 800 ultra-modern sewing machines with automatic cutting and spreading facilities are mobilized.


We have a sub-contracted knitting facility of 42 imported machines from Mayer & Cie and Terrot from Germany. Our knitting capacity is estimated to be 12 metric tonnes per day of 24gg, 28gg, 32gg and 36gg with tubular and open width.


  • 1. Single Jersey Plain
  • 2. Spandex Single Jersey
  • 3. Rib Structure (1×1, 2x2Rib)
  • 4. Interlock
  • 5. Pique
  • 6. Honeycomb
  • 7. Fleece (3 thread, 2 thread)
  • 8. Brushed, Unbrushed
  • 9. Diagonal Fleece
  • 10. French Terry


We have sub-contracted a facility for Dyeing & Processing Mills with the capacity of 10 metric tonnes, for more than 15 years now. It’s AZO free, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and restricts harmful substances while ensuring the best quality.


Cucumber boasts of three automatic spreading machines from Morgan Technica, Italy for its daily operations. Designed with the latest technology, it provides maximum efficiency with spreading fabrics of all kinds. The machines come with operator flexibility within a computerized system. Each has a capacity of 8 metric tonnes of fabric spreading per day.


Similar to the three spreading machines, the automated cutting machines are also from Morgan, Italy. It holds a cutting capacity of 70,000 pieces per day with a manual cutting capacity of 30,000 pieces per day.


M&R is the finest and the fastest automatic screen printing press in the industry along with being the fastest automatic t-shirt screen printing machine in the world. We have four Challenger II and three Sportsman M&R’s versatile, high-production, mid-size automatic screen printing press. Available in 10-18 colours, the press includes a tool-free front and a rear print-stroke adjustment. This assures versatility and exceptionally high production rates along with a heavy-duty curing machine.


We have successfully procured around 1200+ machines; each fully automated. Following are some of the brands we own:

  • 1. JUKI
  • 2. PEGASUS
  • 3. BROTHER
  • 4. YAMATO

We ensure the manufacturing of high-quality products in good working conditions and with special care to reduce undue pressures on natural resources during the manufacturing process. Our organization is highly equipped with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Eastern India. It has more than 1200 ultra-modern sewing machines with automated cutting and spreading facilities.