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Little baby, big surprises. Tips for new mothers. 

Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

The feeling of being a new mother is…well, difficult to sum up in a word. In fact even confusing, overwhelming, joyous, surprising, frightening and oh so worth it fall short! It is the start of a new adventure (yes, you can have your very own diaper diaries) and lots of changes big and small. Taking care of multiple things can be quite perplexing and a bit unnerving particularly in the first few weeks. To make things a wee bit less overwhelming we at Cucumber have listed out some known and some not so known newborn baby facts.  FACT CHECK 
  • Weight: An average baby would weigh around 2.5-4.5 kgs. In the majority of cases, baby boys weigh slightly more than baby girls. And yes, what you consume during your pregnancy has a huge impact on your child. 
  • Height: The average height of a newborn is around 19-20 inches. Genes do play an important role in the height development of a baby. And the birth order. Ever noticed how the second kid usually ends up being taller than the first?
  • First Words: As a new parent, something that we eagerly await is our baby’s first words. In their early stages, babies have a tendency to pick up sounds. This often determines whether the first word is ‘mama’ or ‘papa’.  ‘Pa’ for “Papa” ‘Ma’ for “Maama”.
  • First Steps: Each child takes his own time with the steps. Between 6-12 months the child starts crawling. However, here’s a fun fact! There are babies who hardly crawl and start walking like a pro! While it can scare the parents, it is actually completely normal.  
  • Clothing: The first three months with your little one is going to be about eating, sleeping and pooping. Get ready to stack up on some clothes. On average, babies need a fresh set of clothes every few hours (two to three changes per day is the lower limit)!
  • Diapers: A parent changes around 50-70 diapers a week and around 4-6 times a day. Children are observed to complete their toilet training by 18-24 months. However, there are kids who need diapers till the age of 3-4. Relax. There is nothing to worry about, children grow out of it. 
  • In case you are due and awaiting the arrival of your little one, ensure that you keep a check on your health habits. It can get tough to manage your sleeping and eating schedule when pregnant. Remember, a healthy lifestyle pre and post-delivery have a huge role to play in the health of the baby. Both in terms of height and weight. 
  • Get ready to make your entire house babyproof. You need to be on high alert once your baby starts crawling. 
  • Excited to dress your baby? Oh, we are pretty sure you have a set of dresses and cute onesies ready for your little one. Here’s a small tip. From onesies to nightgowns to pyjamas, stack up on all.  Your baby is going to keep you busy the entire day. Although tiny, washing and cleaning each piece of cloth can be a hassle. Hence, keeping a certain number of clothes handy shall help. 
  •  Your precious one is tender with extremely soft skin. Dress them in light cotton clothes only. A rough fabric can lead to rashes and make them cry. 
  • Diaper changes are going to be quite frequent for your children. Having diaper disposal can help in dumping the huge number of diapers that you’ll be changing, especially in the first few weeks and keeping your house odour-free. 
Well, this should give you a bit of a breather! All the best.  Ps: Get comfort-wear with Cucumber. No matter how little your baby is, Cucumber’s quality apparel is soft and perfect for kids.