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We know that for you, your child always comes first. And your priority is ours too!

We at Cucumber ensure that our clothes are specially made with care and whole lot of love. They are as soft and comfortable as mother's touch. Pamper your little ones with Cucumber, where care meets style.

During summer, make sure to keep kids hydrated. For kids, water is boring as compared to colourful packaged juices and exciting flavours of other beverages. Adding sliced fruits to water can make drinking water an exciting experience for your little ones. Also, this will help in adding some extra vitamins into their diet.

16th April '19

Let new beginnings get sweeter with love, warmth and happiness.

15th April '19

Mother’s love is made of deep devotion. It’s endless, unselfish and full of care and compassion. Just like a mother’s eyes never shift from her child, we at Cucumber ensure that every piece is not just eye-catching but made with utmost awareness for ultimate comfort and care. So much so that there’s ‘love in every thread.’

12th April '19

The bond we share with our siblings is special. Siblings are our best of friends who stay close to our hearts throughout our lives. We at Cucumber, celebrate this bond.

In this week leading up to #NationalSiblingsDay, let your little ones participate in our contest. Let them draw, paint, make masks, or create something together. Click their picture while they are in action. Then, inbox us their pictures along with their names. On National Siblings Day, we will showcase their creativity. Fun...right?

5th April '19

Together let's spread smiles through proper healthcare.

6th April '19