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Messy Diapers – How To Avoid!

Thursday, May 26th, 2022

Diaper Changing Hacks That You Need To Know Now

Honestly, diaper situations are embarrassing and stinky! Yes, we love our kids deeply but why do we have to take care of their business? Whether we like it or not, we still have to do it. As much as diapers make our life easy, they come with their own drawbacks. They can’t be our ideal solution but come handy in situations where we can’t take our babies to the washroom, or at nights when you want them (and yourself) to have a peaceful sleep.
Let us look at the common diaper changing mistakes

Changing diapers after long intervals – Keeping the diaper on for too long or waiting for it to get ‘heavy’ can cause diaper rashes and irritation. The shift in babies’ pooping and peeing cycle requires frequent diaper changes, sometimes even when they are unsoiled. Nappy changes should take place after 3-4 hours irrespective of whether it is soiled or not.

Changing without a mat –  Never sit for a diaper changing session without a changing mat or a changing station. Changing mats ensure that your bed or floor does not get soiled with any faecal matter. It is also convenient, just in case, if the baby decides to pee or poop right in the middle of a changing session.

Not having changing essentials – Carry a changing bag with all the changing essentials for a quick refreshing session. What are these changing essentials that you MUST have? These are
  • Baby Wipes
  • Powder
  • Rash Cream
  • Extra Diapers
  • Changing Mat
  • Pyjamas
Imagine starting to clean your baby and having to run to get one of these items amidst the cleaning session. So hectic and messy.

Skipping the drying process – It is important to give a few airy minutes to your baby once you’re done with the cleaning process, use cotton to wipe them and gently pat them dry. We usually skip this step, and rush to the diaper. Making babies wear diapers without enough air-time causes itching and rashes.

Not wiping the right way – We all use baby wipes after changing the diaper but do we do it the right way? The first clean up must be with warm water and cotton, gently clean the area in the front-to-back direction. Avoid any faecal matter from coming in contact with the vaginal area or the scrotum. Even if the diaper is not soiled, make sure to wipe and moisturise the area.

Not having any distraction – Children get uneasy with the wetness during diaper change. They also cannot stay put for a long time without fidgeting, the crankiness and the uneasiness will make your baby restless. The longer it takes, the harder it gets to deal with them. Give your baby some toys and distract them while you clean them up real quick!

Diaper area is super sensitive and needs regular moisturising. Whether you want your baby to wear one or not, is completely on you. They pose no danger to babies if used carefully. However, it is not advised to pack them in diapers 24/7. Also, potty train your kid from a young age to put them in the habit of using the washroom. Steps To Change A Diaper
  • Lay your baby on the changing mat
  • Keep baby essentials and a disposable bag in reach
  • Tear the used diaper from sides and lift your baby’s legs
  • Clean them with wet wipes and warm water
  • Moisturise their bum with rash cream
  • Stretch the diaper and gently place it under them
  • Dispose the used diaper and you’ve done it!
Congratulations on your first ever diaper change!