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Newborn Baby Clothes – Boy and Girl Edition

Friday, May 20th, 2022

Now that your little bundle of joy has arrived, the mystery behind ‘should i get a frock or should I get shorts’ has finally ended. No matter how many baby clothes we are gifted, chances are we either get sizes that are way up or we get a few items repetitively. So even after getting a full wardrobe  of clothes, we still find ourselves stuck with none that can be worn. It is smarter to buy gender-neutral clothes during the first few weeks since babies outgrow these fits after a maximum of 10 wears.  We buy so many adorable looking outfits when baby shopping, things that our babies won’t be wearing much like net sequenned frocks, jeans, gowns in materials that are likely to be uncomfortable, paying little or no attention to their day-to-day clothing. So, if you’re looking for newborn baby girl clothes or newborn baby boy clothes, we have something for both. You ask us, how? Well, we have picked up a few essential pieces that go beyond ‘gender stereotype’ and are a MUST buy! The Best Site For Newborn Baby Clothes Looking for cute newborn baby outfits for your little one? We bring to you India’s top baby clothing brand, none other than Cucumber, a one-stop shop for your baby’s wardrobe essentials. We have practically everything from vests, bodysuits, socks, booties, etc. Cucumber kidswear is made from 100% pure cotton fabric to protect your baby’s delicate skin (ooh! You could literally play with those soft hand rolls all day and every day) – and the best part? All the baby clothes are in neutral colours. Why? Because we use natural dyes on our garments with organic colours like white, grey, beige, and brown. To add more, we have an outfit for every occasion, whether you want sleepwear, party wear or casual fits for regular use, we have it all. Newborn Baby Clothes List  Bodysuits – Topping the list is our classic bodysuit, call it a shirt or a onesie, it is a perfect outfit that literally packs your baby from head to toe. Ever heard anybody say that these are  newborn baby boy clothes and so, why is a girl wearing it? No, right?(We told you so!) When stacking up, try having these in varying sizes to keep up with your rapidly growing baby. Bodysuits come in different patterns, printed and even solid, some have front flaps, a few others come with buttons. Front flaps and buttons make it easy to clean your baby after potty sessions.  Kimonos For the first few weeks, it is best to dress your baby in kimono style tops. Apart from being excessively cute, they serve a major purpose. These flap style kimonos reduce chances of hurting the baby’s still healing umbilical cord stump. Your baby  is still learning to keep its head stable, so pull-over shirts can make changing sessions scary and might scratch their sensitive skin. Kimonos come in short and long sleeves and can be worn as a layer over tops or bodysuits.  Leggings Baby leggings are a great piece of clothing that every child must have. They are soft, they are stretchy, they are trendy! Want to go for a quick stroll in the park? Pair a top with your leggings and your baby is ‘cute-to-go’. Perfect for the scampering phase which brings along endless thuds and bams, leggings protect your baby’s soft skin from cuts and marks. Use them as stockings under a skirt or pair it with a top, they are as stylish as they can be.     Beanies and Socks The next essential is mighty might! It sure looks teeny-tiny but it does wonders! Yes, we are talking about our baby’s personal climate controllers – beanies and socks. Newborns tend to catch cold very easily, beanies help regulate their body temperature while keeping their ears protected. Plus, don’t they look so adorable in cute animal printed beanies. Carry a beanie and a few socks in your bag to be prepared whenever the need arises!