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Start Of A New Journey – 1 Week Pregnant

Wednesday, April 27th, 2022

Most women don’t even notice the minute changes that pregnancy brings in the first few weeks. The transition is an overwhelming feeling when you realise you are expecting. We know you must already be excited for this new journey. Buckle up for this intense yet beautiful ride, we’ve a long way to go.  Baby’s Growth  During the first week of your pregnancy, there is technically no foetal development, only the egg moves to the fallopian tube. During the second week, the inner part of the blastocyst becomes the embryo while the outer part turns into a placenta. In case of more than 1 egg fertilisation, multiple zygotes are formed. These chromosome carrying zygotes determine the baby’s sex and physical features. You’ll be considered pregnant from the first day of your last period, though the actual conception happens only 2 weeks after that.  Your Body Since the first week begins with your last menstruation before the baby, minor body changes can be felt such as mood swings, tender breasts, constipation, gas, and morning sickness. The sudden change in health is the result of hormonal changes and varies from woman to woman.  First Week Symptoms  You don’t experience any severe symptoms during your 1st week, it is usually a month later that you begin to notice them. However, early symptoms can be : 
  • Back pain and cramps
  • Constipation and gas
  • Tender breasts and bloated belly
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding
  • Mood swings and morning sickness 
Ultrasound In case of normal pregnancies, there is no need for ultrasound  in the first week, but if you have had trouble conceiving or opted for some treatment then your doctor may advise you to do an ultrasound in the 1st week to diagnose anatomical abnormalities that might make conceiving  difficult, such as fibroids or polycystic ovarian syndrome. Under normal circumstances, the first ultrasound is done in the 6th-8th week of your pregnancy.    Lifestyle Changes that Favour Pregnancy  A simple routine would help you in improving your chances of getting pregnant, inculcate these simple habits in your daily life for visible changes.  Track your menstruation cycle: For an approximately accurate date of ovulation use a menstrual calendar or maintain one to determine exactly how long your cycle lasts and when it begins.  Say NO to: Even though you are not technically pregnant you should still maintain a distance from alcohol, tobacco, excessive caffeine, trans fats, and environmental pollutants. Opt for a healthier diet: There isn’t a specific fertility diet but consuming extra protein, calcium and including a lot of dairy products, legumes, sweet potatoes, salmon, eggs, broccoli and green leafy vegetables, lean meat, etc., and plenty of water improves your chances. Healthier the mother, better are the chances of a healthier baby.   Care The first few weeks are of pure joy. While you prepare to reveal the big news, you must be mindful of a few things  Dos:
  • Consult an Ob-Gyn to know all about genetic diseases and  environmental risk if any
  • Start taking prenatal vitamins
  • Avoid alcohol, drugs and smoking 
  • Avoid taking any self medication
Pregnancy Shopping List Many women don’t even realise that they are pregnant during their first week. Either way, you need to prepare for this 9 month long journey. For starters, buy a pregnancy book and read all about it. Invest in adjustable cotton bras, a pregnancy pillow for perfect night sleeps, hot bags for back aches, moisturisers and you are good to go for the first few weeks! Also, we forgot to mention, stock up all your favourite junk and munch on.